Choose Dental Implants

There’s one choice that stands out above the rest! In this blog, we will look for reasons to choose dental implants at Carillon Dental Care, can give you a better solution to replace missing teeth.

You might be facing the prospect of losing a tooth or even many teeth, or you have already lost teeth and want a better solution than dentures.

A research study in 2010 looked at lots of different research articles on how the ‘quality of life’ is affected when teeth are lost. The study concluded that – “This study provides fairly strong evidence that tooth loss is associated with impairment of Oral Health-Related Quality of Life and location and distribution of tooth loss affect the severity of the impairment”.

Don’t Despair!

Endosseous implant, the right choice to replace missing teeth in lots of circumstances from missing a single tooth to missing all your teeth and even replacing a denture.

So here are our 9 reasons to choose dental implants:

1. Enhanced quality of life

Dental implants are the nearest solution to replacing your own teeth that dental technology allows. In a 2012 study conclusion states “significant implant‐related improvements in Oral Health-Related Quality of Life were observed on both the aesthetic and Functional Scale in patients with at least one implant in the front dental area”.

This means that the patients in the study found major improvements. Speaks for itself!

2. Preserve the shape of your face

When you lose teeth, especially lots of teeth the proportions of your face will begin to change, that sunken lip and cheek appearance we sometimes see. Your own teeth support the cheeks and lips, dental implants will replace the missing teeth and help maintain your facial proportions preventing.

3. Good looking results with Dental Implants

Depending on the circumstances, Implants can give natural-looking results. At Carillon, we will do our very best to ensure your new Implant teeth look as good as possible.

4. Preserving the health of adjacent teeth

Often to place a fixed bridge, the adjacent teeth have to be cut down to an extent that it increases the chances of developing infections in those adjacent teeth by as much as 30%. Implant treatment completely avoids this and is the only treatment option that adds support to your mouth, further protecting the remaining teeth.

5. Looking after Dental Implants is straight forward

Of course, implants will need to be cleaned thoroughly just like your own teeth, however, they are cleaned just like your own teeth with interdental brushes, flossing and brushing. One of our expert Oral Health Educators and Therapist will show you exactly how doing an excellent job.

6. Enhanced Strength and Stability

As the implants are fixed to your jaw, they are strong and firm. Even large dentures fixed to implants can be firm and no need to use messy fixative. In fact often we don’t even need to cover the roof of your mouth. No need to worry about loose dentures when you’re eating and speaking.

7. Improved eating and overall health

Missing teeth and wearing dentures often means that biting harder food, chewing properly becomes difficult and results in a restricted diet. Some reports say that people with full dentures are only able to eat 20% of all the foods they did before losing their teeth. With endosseous implant all these issues are dramatically reduced and will give you fuller enjoyment and confidence with eating all your favourite foods.

8. Feel better about yourself

Getting your smile back, not worrying about loose dentures, what you can and can’t eat and having comfort all goes towards improving your confidence and our patients will sometimes say they’ve got their life back.

9. Value for Money

Dental implants, not the cheapest way to replace missing teeth; however, with all the benefits Implants they have, you can’t put a price on it. Some research has shown that in the long-term implants are the best value for money.

In Carillon Dental Care, we have experienced all these benefits to our patients, from years of improving our patients’ lives. Occasionally, we see a little tear of happiness from our patients.

We are fortunate to have Dr. Mark Lester, as part of our team. He is a specialist in Prosthodontics and restorative dentistry. In addition, we have Dr. Kaderbhai and Dr. Hemal Charadva. Dr. Kaderbhai has experience and extensive training in replacing missing teeth, while Dr. Charadva has a specialist interest in Implant Dentistry.

Dr. Raja is our brilliant cosmetic dentist. With his input, we can transform smiles.

Carillon Dental Care is at the centre of replacing missing teeth in Leicestershire and Melissa, our treatment co-ordinator would be happy to discuss your needs with you. Melissa is also able to arrange a free, initial consultation if you are keen on replacing missing teeth at Carillon.

You can contact Melissa on 07856 611 800 or email her or just pop in!

Written by Dr. Mohamed Kaderbhai- Principle Dentist


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