One lady’s journey to Quick Straight Teeth

Quick Straight Teeth is a clear fixed brace system offered by Carillon Dental Care to patients from Loughborough, Charnwood, Leicestershire and further afield. We offer specialist dental treatment including:

Steph’s experience with Quick Straight Teeth

I had always been conscious of my smile as my front teeth were set back from the rest and my front teeth were not the same length. This stopped me from smiling with my teeth and knocked my confidence.

I was not sure what was available to me to get my teeth straightened, all I knew about was the metal braces that I really was not keen on having; I wanted something that was not as obvious but still gave me the same result of straighter teeth.

The beginning of my quick straight teeth journey

I came in for a routine check-up at Carillon Dental Care and saw some of the posters around the practice which immediately caught my eye, I then had my check-up with the dentist and I proceeded to ask about the Quick Straight Teeth treatment, the dentist was very informative and was able to give me a rough estimate and how long it may take for me to have nice straight teeth.

I was very impressed and decided to talk to the treatment coordinator who was able to discuss finance options with me and discuss when I could look to start the treatment.

The initial test for suitability

I was then booked in for the following week to get some impressions taken to assess further if I would be suitable to quick straight teeth, they used a material called alginate to do this, it felt cold when they placed it in my mouth, it set fairly quickly and was not too uncomfortable at all.

Fitting of braces

Two weeks after that I had my clear brace fitted; I was in the dental chair for about 45 minutes as I only had the appliance fitted to my upper arch.

The experience was pain-free; it just felt tight which was explained to me prior to the appointment, that it was perfectly normal and that it would ease off after a few days which it did.


I was very meticulous with my cleaning of the braces as I was told it is very important to keep them clean as this will also help prevent them from becoming discoloured, to further help this I avoided foods with excessive amounts of tomato-based sauces and curries and red wine. They still did pick up minimal staining but I had the elastics changed every 4 weeks anyway so this also helped with the appearance.

Throughout my treatment, I only experienced some rubbing on my cheek from the wire which was quickly sorted by placing some wax that they gave me on the wire which was later adjusted by the dentist to prevent this from happening again.

After every meal, I would swill around with some mouthwash and use a tepe brush to clean in between each bracket to remove any food debris.

I had the braces on for 4 months as I did not need a great deal of movement, I attended a dental appointment every 4 to 6 weeks to change my elastics, review the movement and the change wire; each appointment was only 30-45 minutes long.

End of my journey

After 4 months I had the appliance removed which felt very strange to start with as I had got so used to them being there, I couldn’t stop rubbing my tongue across my teeth as it felt so different.

My teeth are now perfectly straight and I am so happy with them, I can’t stop smiling with my teeth now.

Once the appliance was removed, I had some more impressions taken to make my removable retainer which I wear every night, for the first few nights it took some getting used to but I have no problems now.

I also had a fixed retainer placed which is a chain along the back of my teeth so you can’t see it, but it’s just an extra precaution to have in place to stop them from moving back.

I was so happy with the experience and my friends were so impressed with the results four of them decided to go ahead with quick straight teeth.

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