Dental Bonding: Adhesive Dentistry

Dental bonding or “adhesive dentistry” has been a hot topic within the dental community for some time now. As the name suggests, it’s a way of getting something to stick to a tooth.

The most well-known form of dental bonding is the humble “white filling”. Below is a list of ways we can use this technique to help treat our patients.

  • Closing gaps in your smile- rather than have crowns and veneers you can simply add material onto the enamel of the teeth to widen them and give you a much fuller smile. A lovely simple, cost-effective and pain-free way of improving your smile.
  • Bonding teeth back together- This is definitely a favourite of mine. There is always that horror where someone falls over and cracks a front tooth. Fortunately, we can now put those pieces back together!
  • Changing the shape of teeth- This can be used for a whole host of applications. Not only may it help to improve the appearance of teeth but we can also use it to rebuild worn down teeth.
  • Replacing missing teeth- Thanks to this technology we can easily replace missing front teeth. Adhesive or “sticky” bridges are a great way to replace single gaps. This avoids needing to cut down healthy teeth for a traditional bridge.

Examples of Dental Bonding from Carillon Dental Care.

A lovely simple filling, almost like nothing happened:

Dental Bonding, White filling before and after


This young lady had been wearing a denture for years to replace her missing canine. We changed it over for an adhesive bridge:

Dental Bonding, denture changed to a bridge before Dental Bonding, denture changed to a bridge after

Lots of patients ask about veneers. Normally they are made up of porcelain and are stuck on, again with bonding. The main issue with porcelain is that it’s hard to repair if it breaks. With composite, we can make veneers that are maintainable, repairable and look great:

Dental Bonding veneers before and after

This patient had lots of badly worn down teeth. We rebuilt her teeth back to where they should be:

Badly worn teeth before dental bonding

Badly worn teeth after dental bonding

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At Carillon Dental Care, all of our dentists can provide these treatments. Dr Raja, Dr Kaderbhai and Dr Charadva all have an interest in cosmetic and restorative dentistry. Just give us a call if you want to know more!

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